skyline international radio

We make music at the AM 3905

We are Henk and Gerritjan also known as "the skyline boys" father and son.

We live in the north-east part of the Netherland about 1500 meters from the German border.

We live near a nature area of swamp and a small industrial area also there are many little farms.

Henk works as a welder and spacer and Gerritjan works as a concrete worker.

So thats about our work and living area and now our hobby.

Our hobby is playing some golden oldies on 3905 khz.

The music comes from a computer program called "otz dj".

The transmitter is a SK1 from R&S, the max power is 400 W carrier and 1000 W pep.

The antenna is 2x18.50 M on a top of 7 meters.

Now thats all about us. Feel free too look around at our site and please leave a reaction in the guestbook. 

Many greetings,

The skylineboys